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What people are saying

Jim B ---What can I say -- I'm a Zanzi's zealot! And I'm NOT affiliated with them in any way other than as a customer, and a father of more Zanzi's zealots (and their friends)! I cannot think of any better way to provide the   Best Value, AND best quality, and best pizza-eating experience than Zanzi's. No they don't have the most choices and menu options (toppings are SLIGHTLY limited, i.e. no tomatoes), and they have few signature selections (unlike Donato's or Pizza Hut), and they don't even have any tables or seats (take-out only) but they certainly have high quality basics, they're extremely fast AND fresh (5-10 minutes!), and not even Little Ceasar's can beat their value. Don't believe me?? Leave your "snooty gourmet" expectations at the door and try them any way. You'll be back if you're wise enough to want a high quality common pizza for an amazing price. All this rambling makes me starved for one now! Hello Zanzis

Steve L --The pizzas have always been good. Service & people are always nice & receptive. All adds up to a great deal.

Lisa C --Great Pizza. Love it! Love it!

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ZANZIS® guarantees your satisfaction with every visit.If you're not 100% satisfied with a ZANZIS® visit or product we'll replace the product or refund your purchase price at the time of purchase.