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How long does it take before my order is ready?  Typically 7-8 minutes. Unlike others, we are not going to sell you a pizza made long before you ordered it. We utilize state of the art ovens which allow us to produce your order in 7-8 minutes from the time you place your order. We make your pizza just the way you want it and hand it to you hot and fresh from the oven. Come on in and you won’t have to wait like other places. To eliminate any waiting at all, call ahead (614-801-9500), or place your order on-line. You can come into our lobby or glide through our drive-thru window to pick up your order.

Why do you not offer delivery?  We designed Zanzis ®  to make the best quality products with the greatest value. Eliminating delivery allows us to focus on what matters to you: a great pizza, fresh and hot from the oven, when you’re ready. We have been in the pizza business quite a while (long story for another time), and learned how much delivery really adds to the price of a pizza. Yea, we know most places have a delivery charge, but surprisingly it doesn’t come close to covering the expense. Most of our competitors make up for this by adding to the price of the pizza.

It is possible to use one of the food delivery services. However, please understand that we have no relationship with these services and if/when there is a problem with timeliness, temperature, or quality, you need to work it out with that service. If you order from us we guarantee your satisfaction but if you order from a delivery service we cannot accept the responsibilty for the outcome.   

How do you offer such low prices? Zanzis ® spends the biggest chunk of our revenues on our ingredients. We don’t spend money on things like driver’s workers compensation costs and the cost of liability insurance for teenage delivery drivers. We also limit our marketing costs. We don’t buy TV or radio ads (you can imagine what that would cost), and appear sparingly in print. We rely primarily on happy, satisfied customers spreading the word. We do that by producing the best quality pizzas and providing the best, fastest service in the business.

How can I order online? Just click HERE.

Can I get my pizza cut differently? You bet! Let us know how you would like your pizza cut and we will do it the way you like.

Can I place my order for a specific time? Absolutely. Call in and placed a timed order or place an on-line timed order and we will have it ready at the designated time. You can also place an order for tomorrow, next week or next month! Placing a timed order is recommended for very large orders.

Can I get different crusts? Yes. With any of our large 14” pizzas, you have a choice of three different crust styles. Our 9” personal ZIP pizzas only are available in the original, hand tossed style.

What should I do if there is a problem? At Zanzis ® , we work hard to get everything right, but hey, we are human and do make mistakes. If you are ever on the receiving end of a mistake, or if things just didn’t measure up, please let us know. We are dedicated to providing world class product and service! Call us @ 614-801-9500 (ask for Trent, Ted, or Cameron) or Click here. Also, feel free to send us your comments about things you like or would like to see changed.

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